thesis blues

today i ran 6km, yesterday i ran none. tomorrow i will try for 9.

i’m struggling with my thesis.

when i suggested to my friend that i toss it all in, come and live in the sun and reinvent myself as a marathoner-in-perpetual-training he said:

“You should write your own book about it, about the dynamics of running and the recalcitrance of Heidegger in becoming a handlable subject.”

(he capitalises *correctly*, i do not)

i laughed.

aside: i know the image i have chosen for this post is a riff on descartes, not heidegger, but it was all i could manage on short notice, and it is a nod towards the philosophical. perhaps i need an image featuring a shoe, as a recognition of “use”. the shoe i wear for one purpose only, and otherwise it has no value. unless i use it to kill a spider (which i wouldn’t do because i don’t kill spiders), in which case the object would be a murder weapon, not a shoe. anyway, you get my drift.


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